In the beginning there was Phoblographer*. For over 5 years, my dear Pho housed all my rants and built a small, very small, but dedicated following, peaking during the 2004 election. Eventually, however, I needed to hold down a steady job in a political charged town and had to dial it back a bit. Pho was still there, but was significantly less interesting to everyone, including me.

Then I became pregnant. Then I became a mom.

Same job. Same restrictions. Whole new world of public policy concerns. Whole new world of exciting anecdotes - many of them poop-filled.

The decision: morph Pho into something new or just start fresh?

We've gone with a fresh start - while maintaining some alliterative qualities I know you've come to love.

Will this be a mommyblog? Sorta, probably. Will it be a policy blog? Sorta, definitely. Will it be interesting? Hope so.

Will there be a lot more discussion about breasts than you ever read at Pho? That's guaranteed.

And there will be stuff about babywearing, nursing in public, cooking for babies and cooking generally, and stuff and stuff.

Posts of Interest:

The Birth Story:
Part I: My Daughter's Birth Story (Why Intervention Is Fine With Me)
Part II: Checking-in, Dosing-up, Waiting.
Part III: sh*t gets serious.
Part IV: People Normally Push For How Long?
Part V: "We're Crashing 61."
Part VI: You know where you can put your full experience?

A disclaimer:

This blog, it should go without saying, represents my thoughts, opinions, etc, and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions, etc, of my employers, friends, husband, daughter, cats, religion, political party, etc.  Also - some of my links go to sites that are far more lactivist or extreme in their parenting practices than I am.  Or than I think you should be.  I do not think formula is poison.  I do not judge you badly for feeding it to your child. I think breast is best, but I also think that - for a majority of my readers - there are too many cultural and institutional roadblocks to a continued nursing relationship to count.  That sucks.  Maybe sites like this can help change that eventually.