Friday, August 20, 2010

Sites We Like: FoodieTots, Cooking With My Kid, Smitten Kitchen Baby

The list of sites on the right there are listed alphabetically and don't comprise a single theme.  Generally, they are other mom blogs, design sites, craft sites, or foodie pages.

FoodieTots is run by fellow Athena Colleen Levine.  The premise is simple - raise your kids to be little foodies using the best fresh, local fare you can find.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  She has quite the list of blog accomplishments too, like being one of Babble's top 50 bloggers this year.  All that and she just had another baby! Phew.

Cooking with my kid is a similar concept but with less emphasis on the source and more emphasis on the process.  That blog's author see cooking as a way of introducing her son to different foods and getting him to eat them too.  Most of the recipes are easy and appealing.

Smitten Kitchen Baby is the baby iteration of the popular Smitten Kitchen site - love those recipes (on both sites).  Deb admits the Goo options are a bit basic, but I have yet to produce anything bad from her recipes.

As other new moms know, cooking can certainly be one of those things that falls by the wayside in the early days. In fact, getting into the kitchen to prepare a meal was a real treat in the early days. It still is and it's still hard to be able to dedicate the same time and attention to preparing meals as I used to.  I'd like to still have a Christmas party this year and I hope it's a realistic goal to set to say I want to be able to prepare dessert for it. We'll see.

More immediately, of course, is the question of what and when and how to feed my baby.  She's nearly 6 months old, the solid-food-line for most kids.  It seems like a monumental undertaking, accepting responsibility for someone else's nutrition.  But I guess that responsibility won't fully vest until after she's fully weaned.  Still - the food future fast approaches . . . .

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