Friday, August 20, 2010

Fidget's Favorite Things: #3 My Brest Friend nuring pillow

Everyone registers for and gets the Boppy.  Don't get the Boppy. Well, get the Boppy because it can be useful for propping up the baby for tummy time or as a back up for when you're washing the cover of the better product - the My Brest Friend. Yes, yes, the name kinda makes you cringe, except, it IS your breasts' friend and your beast friend accordingly.

The problem with the Boppy is that it is floppy. Okay, that made me cringe too. But seriously - the Boppy is rounded and squishy and creates a nice pit into which baby will become wedged - I don't think it's comfy for mommy or baby.  And if you've had a c-section - forget it, the Boppy rests on your lap, pushing against your belly and your incision site.  It won't be comfortable.

On the other hand, the Brest Friend straps to your body so you can wear it higher on your trunk and avoid any painful incision pressure.  Even non-section delivery moms will appreciate the less hunched over feeling this option gives you. The Brest Friend is a solid platform on which your baby can rest and comfortably feed.

About the only qualm I have is with the "deluxe" model I have, the one pictured above, is the noisy velcro method of adjusting the sizing. Granted, you seldom readjust it, but other versions use a quieter pull-strap adjustment system that, in theory, seems like a better idea.

The cover is machine washable and there are some cute designs available.  There's a little pocket for holding stuff - TV remote? Cell phone? Vicodin for those section moms out there? (Holla!)  It's larger than the Boppy and can be a bit cumbersome (though there is a travel version I haven't tried) but if you're going to breastfeed, it's a must-have.

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