Friday, August 20, 2010

Fidget's Favorite Things: #4 A Swaddleme blanket

Ignore the really creepy model baby and focus on the blanket.  Do you need a special blanket with velcro to swaddle your baby? No, of course not. Any scrap of fabric will do.  You'll probably learn during your childbrith or baby classes how to swaddle. The doll will lie nice and still and give you any trouble and stay nice and stiff for you to wrap around the fabric.

Your actual baby may not be so compliant.  More to the point: at 3am, simple tasks like wrapping a blanket around your child become more complicated than stereo instructions. Enter the Swaddleme - a nice, easy peasy shaped blanket with some velcro tabs that make it a snap, or, uh, a velcro, to get your child into a nice swaddled state of calm.

Swaddling works, my friends.  Wrap your baby up well tight and beat that startle reflex that will keep your baby (and you) up a lot longer than necessary.  It's a biology-busting-blanket at its best.

We started with the ivory fleece blanket from just about birth.  She wore a side-snap shirt under and we tucked a blanket over the top of her (tucking that blanket around the mattress of course) and she snoozed like a champ.  When we had a few witching hour evenings, swaddling, shushing, and then swinging soothed our little crier.

When she grew too long for her ivory blanket, we found a cotton knit in size large.  I thought the cotton knit would be better for summer. I will disclose, however, that whether its because of the stretchier cotton knit or because of her bigger baby brut strength, she can now houdini her arms right out of the top of the blanket - a problem we never had with the fleece or during the first 4 months of her life.  And regarding the summer-weight blanket, we now put her in a footie-jammie under layer, or at least something with sleeves, because, duh, A/C kind of undoes that hot weather thing in the house at night.

There are some other presto-swaddled! blankets out there - like the Miracle Blanket - but that had a few more fabric flaps and just seemed to have an extra step or two of complication. So the Swaddleme wins!

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