Friday, August 20, 2010

Fidget's Favorite Things: #5 Side Snap Shirts

You will undoubtedly receive a metric ton of baby clothing - especially if you find out and disclose the baby's sex.  A lot of these clothes will be adorable little onesies - you know - the body-suit things that snap between baby's legs and required you to pull them over baby's head and squish her arms up through arm-holes?

If you are confident enough to do that all with a newborn, you're a braver mother than I was.

Enter the side-snap shirt.  Cozy, super easy to get on and off, and sometimes  you can find them in cute patterns and colors (though a basic white t-shrit will always be fashionable, right?).

Fidget wore little else for the first two months of her life. They were especially useful as baby jammies and good as a layer under her swaddleme at night.

Trust me, get yourself a few packs of these in the 0-3 month size (maybe one in the newborn size, if you think you're going to have a tiny baby, otherwise, skip those and go big). The only bad thing about them is that they don't seem to come larger than 0-3 in these basic packs.

Ready to follow Fidget's advice?  Buy some from her Amazon shop now!

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