Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Fidget at 19.6 monts (mommy's a little behind)

No, you don't need these yet, but given your parents, it's only a matter of time.
So, this is going to be short and we'll just do-it-up for the 20 month post - but your little blog has been woefully neglected lately. Because why? I started a new job? Guests? Travel? General laze - ding! winner!

You're certainly more of your own person every day. You like to impress upon us this fact as frequently as you can. Normally, this is done with a combination of kicking and yelling. But you're as sweet as you are feisty - not a bad combination.  (Though, if you're curious, more sweet would be welcomed, too).

Your Auntie Sarah came to visit in mid-September and compiled a grand list of Fidget words.  I'm still - a-hem - waiting on their being emailed to me, but suffice to say, you have lots and lots now and you're more willing each day to try your mouth at a new one, or two, or even short phrases or sentences. Daddy believes your first sentence was "me sleepy."  Other short sentences now include "it's okay baby" (these are all sort of one-worded slurs of sentences, but we know what you're saying) - you offer this to any fussing child we come across, mimicking our reaction to crying babies in books where mommy says "it's okay baby!" and pets the book-babies to calm them.  You're pretty cute when you try to do the same in real life. 

It's only lately that I've begun to realize we're done with baby things and that you certainly aren't the bald ball of pudge you were this time last year.  Each day your legs seem to stretch and your proportions morph from baby to toddler to kid.  I forget how young you still are as often as I forget how old you are.  The ever-changing temporal aspects of parenting still trip me  up.

Sadly, I find that parenting your new personality doesn't always bring out the best in me, but I'll work on it, kiddo, I promise.  Patience was never my virtue, though I think I had gotten better at it for a time. I've regressed now, to put it mildly.  Lucky for you, your daddy is far, far more patient. Hopefully, once you're past this innately impatient time in your life, you'll take after him.

More on these fluid few months soon.

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