Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fidg at 18 months (that's 1.5 years)

This is a pretty good illustration of you these days. The word on the street is "mercurial."  Such is the toddler way, however, and as sad as your sads can be is as happy as your happies are, so I'll take it.  The words are multiplying daily - we can understand them, though maybe not everyone. You have a funny way of first trying a word to yourself, sort of inside your mouth behind closed lips. Then you'll venture out and about with the word. Yesterday it was "lamp." 

This post is a few days late and, for now, short, because this is a time of transition for mommy.  Mommy doesn't do so well with change, but she's working on it.  But it has put me behind on some projects - like this record.  On the brighter side, though, we did get to spend a few quality weeks together - one all on our lonesome as daddy went to the Bonneville Salt Flats with Martin (you remember Martin, the one you scowled at for most of his visit? But then would also high-five? Yeah, him).  You're a pretty exhausting little kid, but I love the always increasing level of interaction and inquisitiveness.  You're growing.  It's not too-fast for now, but maybe it will be in retrospect.

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