Friday, April 22, 2011

Mixed Bag

Some stuff I've read lately . . .

Must you make so much noise, woman? One doc - and my mother - says no.  I say, O rly?

My fav bit? "The goal of childbirth isn't to scream at the top of your lungs. Rather, it's to focus that energy down on the pelvis to push the baby out, instead of wasting it contorting your body and castigating your partner." Again, O rly? Srsly? Y'all can do your Bradley breathing or whatever, if I want to unleash an unholy torrent of profanity while creating modern art out of the bed rails and/or my husbands radius and/or ulna - guess what I'm going to do?

And customs for new moms - trying to adapt these to American culture seems largely impossible because our public policy serves to isolate new moms and rush them back to work and away from their kids asap.  America - we're about family!

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