Friday, April 22, 2011

A Great Many Flavors

This post speaks to my current frame of mind. Why be one thing?

What titles would I like to hold?  I'm a lawyer but I don't want to be identified as such.  I'm now a mother, but I don't identify as such and it sounds foreign when someone else assigns me to the job.  What do I do? What titles might I carry?

I am a writer.
I am a photographer.
I sew.
I embroider.
I cook.
I bake.
I blog.

But I don't do those things regularly and are any of them what I am?  The last five are a joke and the second one is hardly at a professional level. Photography is the scrapbooking of the yuppy set.  I should probably focus on the writing identity because I've strayed from it and I don't know anything else that can free me from the hamster wheel.  I have to write the exit. I have to write to write the checks.

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