Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fidg at 13 Months

Fidg at the Zoo
Over a  year old now. That's crazy, little one.  You - and your friends - seem so much more grown-up now.  Toddler limbs getting longer, baby fat still there, but stretching out a bit.  You're still small with lots of small person needs, but you're growing and developing and evolving every day.

You'll be able to brag someday that you were an international traveler at a young age.  We just got back from England and you had a smashing time. You slept on the plane from taxi until nearly landing on the way there. We were amazed and appreciative!  In England, I could tell you were benefiting from the undivided attention of 5 adults: us, your grandparents, and your Aunty Sarah.  You learned to point while we were gone. It's an amazing step in communication.  You make two slightly different sounds when you point, one to indicate you want, and one to indicate you want to know what something is.  It's pretty adorable and it makes me even more exciting for you to learn some words and let me know what you're thinking.

You're all walking, all the time now, except, it seems when you're angry and jet-lagged.  Then you flump on the floor on your belly and crawl a few feet in frustration.  The belly flump is especially amusing.  Soon enough, I'm sure you'll add some arm and leg flailing and we'll have full-blown toddler tantrums on our hands.  For now, you just lay down to emphasize your dissatisfaction with our parenting choices.

You should know, for the record, that in Cath Kidson in Windsor, your father gave you a sheep-topped pencil to play with, which I took away, causing you to question our authority. So daddy then gave you back the pencil and bought it - choking hazard and all.  Maybe you'll get lucky and that will work when you want a car later.  File that away, dear.

Today is April Fools Day.  With current technology, most people opt to post false facebook updates or tweet lies to fool others.  I wonder what technological advancements will enable your pranks later.  I posted that I was pregnant again and you would be a big sister. It fished in a lot of people, but Alecia called out the prank.  Then Darci wished me twins for suckering her. 

I feel a lot of potential guilt about not giving you a sibling, my love, but I don't think it will happen. I fervently hope you will create your own sisterhoods and brotherhoods.  There are going to be a few onlys in the 2010 baby club - at least that's the thought so far. And you have Anya S. for older sister guidance.  And you'll have cousins who I hope will be like siblings.  It's very hard to balance, you see. And right now, I can't see a way to increase this party without unbalancing things.  It would take away from Fidg time and that would make me so, so sad.

Thirteen months old - such a big girl!  Soon you'll care about the animals at the zoo and not just about running around at the zoo.  That makes me happy.

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