Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's happening. She's becoming a person. A person with her own will. She's becoming her person.  The last month or so has seemed like a developmental spurt in the same way she used to grow like a pretty little weedy thing in the early months of life.  The clearest instances of this new personhood, however, peek through via any number of daily tantrums.  Her daddy didn't recognize them as tantrums and was surprised when I checked the "yes" box on the "does she have tantrums" question of a survey at a recent doctors visit.

You know those times when you take a away something she's playing with that she shouldn't be playing with? And then she yells? And sometimes there are tears? And lately she lays down on the ground to cry some more?  Yeah, that's a tiny, one-year-old's tantrum.  They are frequent and pretty cute. For now. Well, only sometimes.  She has opinions on some basic things like what she wants, when she wants it, and how she'd like to do things (answers: that what you have/that what I shouldn't have; now; her way). It's pretty amazing.

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  1. Just wait until the 20-month old tantrums. They go from being cute and kind of funny to epic and kind of funny, then epic and really annoying. Right now the "Ignore until he caves and wants a hug" method is the one we're using.