Thursday, December 9, 2010


1. not employed; without a job; out of work: an unemployed secretary.
2. not currently in use: unemployed productive capacity.
3. not productively used: unemployed capital.
4. ( used with a plural verb ) people who do not have jobs (usually prec. by the ): programs to help the unemployed.
1.  unoccupied, idle, at liberty, jobless.  

We had occasion to confirm some records today and the woman said, so you're still employed at X employer and your husband is unemployed?

In that moment I flashed back to the times in my childhood when my mom dealt with people asking her, so, what do you do, no, for work.

I almost corrected the woman or tried to explain that, no my husband isn't unemployed, he's a full time dad. That's his job. He's certainly busy all day.  He's productive in the parental sense.

It was the connotation, not the denotation, y'know?

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