Monday, December 13, 2010

Strange Dreams

Last night, I dreamt I was having another baby. I was checking into the hospital and getting ready for another c-section (and yes, that would be what I would do, were I to ever go down that road again. I think turning VBAC into some sainted status and byword for maternal accomplishment is . . . let's go with it's lame).

I hadn't wanted to know the sex but someone told me, or said it outloud in front of me or something. It was another girl.  I named her (with the 2 favored names that didn't make it onto Fidg's birth certificate) and then she was sort of there and not there, the way people are in dreams.

I recall feeling apprehensive about the hospital part of it, but also more excited, maybe, than my real life L&D.  But most of all, I felt somewhat annoyed and sad about having to take attention away from Fidg, just when it was getting to be fun and when it seemed like she liked the attention.  Poor dream second baby.

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