Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Capitol Boob Cube

Interesting article on what sounds like some posh pumping digs for Hill staffers.  There are a bunch of rooms, all equipped with hospital grade pumps, sinks, and C-SPAN tuned TVs. Sounds like a dream!  This part I found interesting, though:
Many mothers who use the facilities - most of whom spoke about them only on the condition that they not be identified, because of the personal nature of the topic - say they wouldn't have been able to continue breast-feeding their babies as much and for as long as they have without the rooms.
I've mused before that while I'll nurse anywhere, I certainly don't publicly pump.  But I don't keep it a secret that I do pump.  So why would these women?  Because talking about boobs is a bit uncomfortable? Or is it because of the still consistent struggle for workplace equality in an environment where employment isn't guaranteed and pretty much every deal could crumble at any time? Because the last thing I'd want as a staffer is for people to wonder if I was hiding in a room pumping and not being busy busy. Nor do I want other staffer and member dudes spending too much time thinking about my breasts.

Ah, if I waited until the end of the article:
And they share crucial tips about how to work their clandestine routine into the busy and still male-dominated world of Capitol Hill. Such as: Don't use the telephone unless you want your colleague on the other end to know what you're doing during the chat. The caller ID comes up as "INFANT LACTATION."
HA! Nice. Makes me think fondly to the time every call I got when I was working in a D congressional office from REPUBLICAN CONFERENCE or SPEAKERS OFFICE (then an R).

The article also refers to a blog post about the room by a wife of a newly elected member. The name looked familiar. And that photo . . . oh wait, it's Real World San Francisco's Rachel. Hard-core righty!

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