Monday, December 20, 2010


That's roughly the sneezing sound we make to make the Fidg laugh.  It also sounds like a toof - as in, a new baby tooth.  There may be two of those coming in, but that's not what this is about. This is about sneezes and how I'm coming down with a case of them.

Rob's on the downhill slope of a cold. I was fine until about 7 this evening when I could feel the mucus line up in my sinus cavity. Then I felt it slowly start to get a move on down my right nostril.  Then the slightly itchy throat feeling crept up. Within about a 90 minute period, I had moved from totally fine into starting-head-cold-now mode. AhTOof, indeed.

I'll still take even the rottenest of head colds over the first trimester of pregnancy (and all of L&D).  And I'll take a head cold of the century if it keeps the kiddo from getting another one. She's already had two - three? - in her short life. (Breastfeeding as the ultimate vaccine my ass.)  She hasn't had horrible colds, but take two sleep deprived parents who've been through a hellish L&D, the first few weeks of parenthood, crazy levels of jaundice, and then give them a stuffed-up 3 week old and - NOT FAIR.  Do you know how small those noses are?  She's bigger now, which is better, but sick kiddos aren't fun. 

If the worst she ever gets is a cold, though, I guess that's okay too.

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  1. Actually, I think your liquid gold is doing its job quite nicely. I've read that most babies get sick 10-12 times a year except while being breastfed. So T is way ahead of the pack!