Monday, September 13, 2010

The subtle ways breastfeeding is made to seem more complicated than it is

This is a great post breaking down some insidious advertising from a formula company that pretends to be some breastfeeding advice.  Especially crappy information: milk supply can dwindle with fatigue, what you eat affects the nutritional quality of your breastmilk (nope), and super awesome - the section on feeding on the road, still under breastfeeding, that includes nothing about breastfeeding but includes advice on backing a bottle of formula.

It's funny, usually I'm peeved about how sunshine-and-rainbows my breastfeeding class was ("It only hurts if the latch is wrong!" F.U.)  But I am equally peeved about myths, wives-tales, and outright lies that make it overly gloomy.  Breastfeeding is hard and can take a ton more time to run smoothly than you'd think - but you know what doesn't make it any easier? Undermining crap from formula companies or well meaning but ill-informed third parties.

An aside: I can't commit to boycotting Nestle because they make Lean Cuisine. I eat Lean Cuisines.  Frankly, I know I rely on them to much, even knowing that eating that processed crap doesn't make crappy milk.  So conflicted.

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