Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lactation Locations: Just Between Friends Sale

Hit up my first Just Between Friends consignment sale last week.  It was quite a scene.  I wish I'd been to one while I was pregnant and before I acquired a bunch of stuff.  Also, it's probably best for preggos with no older siblings to hand things down or who might be the first in their circles to leap into parenthood.  Tons and tons of clothes and toys and a decent enough selection of other stuff.  Had Fidget been still younger, I'd have snatched up a co-sleeper.  We did get a used exersaucer in good condition that she seems to love and I raided the carrier section for some cheap Maya Wraps (that I have yet to use, but whatevs. Resale, right).

We had been warned that the line to check-out shouldn't be messed with, but Rob and I shopped together just long enough for the line to span the width of the exhibition hall and then some.  We joined the line and spent 90 long minutes shuffling towards the cash registers.  It crept up to 7pm and the kid, not reliable for sleeping, but certainly reliable for eating, was hungry and making her fatigue and hunger widely known.

Enter, the BabyHawk mei tai (thanks for the loaner, sis!).

She'd been enjoying her ride around the sale since we arrived and I figured it was time to try out this whole feeding-while-wearing thing. I don't think I did it right, but we got the job done and I doubt most people knew what was going on, thanks to a concealing hand and a cardigan. (Ed's note: I have no problem whipping it out if necessary and don't care if people know what I'm doing or not.  I only note the lack of public interest to remind readers that: a) most people really don't give a poo what anyone else is doing and b) if you don't like attention, and do care about whipping it out, this method might still be comfortable for you.)

Didn't know my breast could bend quite that way, but hey, you learn new things everyday.

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