Thursday, September 2, 2010

Formulaic Response

I'm sure it happened to you, too.  They find you.  Every time. The marketers.  You buy a new house and the Home Depot coupons flood the mailbox.  Offers for landscaping, alarm systems, custom blinds.  They all just find you, like magic.

And when you found out  you were pregnant?  Maybe right after your first doctor's visit? Or after you first visit a parenting website?  Maybe you shopped at Motherhood Maternity and they refused to ring you up before you forfeited your contact information?  Diaper coupons, Target catalogues of cute baby bedding, Babies R Us stroller sales.

Then the boxes arrive - heavy, solid.  What's inside?

Two free cans of the latest and greatest infant formula.  Shiny gold Enfamil labels, soothing white Similac cartons.  Two cans, then a few more, and piles, and piles, and piles of coupons.  Messages on the envelopes like "Healthy Baby, Happy Mommy."

What did you do with them? Are they still in your pantry?  Mine are.  Just in case?  I think of tossing them as some private declaration of independence, but I never do and so they sit there on the shelf, just in case.  Or more precisely, just for when.  Just for when I'm finally back full time. Just for when I finally return the hospital grade pump (for which, by now, I've paid as much as I'd have paid for formula, I'm sure).  Just for when I finally lose it after my 6th pumping session of the day.  Just for when I finally want to see if it's reverse cycling or just her sleep pattern.

I don't want when to ever come.  If I throw out the formula, will I keep it at bay?


  1. I have some stored for the mythical "when," too. And like you, I hope it never comes to that.

  2. My "what if" stockpile recently got shattered by the realization that all of the formula is soy or dairy based -- a no-no for our sensitive one. So the boy can't drink any of it and yet I continue to keep it on hand just in case. Honestly, I'm also a little afraid to offer it to anyone because of the stigma associated with formula. That's dumb, right? I should just figure out who is using formula to supplement and offer it up. OK, that's what I'll do. I love figuring things out via blog comments. :)