Friday, August 20, 2010

Lactation Locations: 30,000 Feet

This post about one mom's experience nursing in-flight made me think about our first flight, just a few weeks ago.

My daughter handled her first altitude experience just fine - a road trip to and from Lake Tahoe. She screamed bloody murder driving back over the hill from Santa Cruz, though, so I figured nursing on take off and landing was a good idea.

We flew JetBlue and forked over extra money for seats at the front because this mommy has some issues flying and that's where I like to sit. On the way to our destination, my daughter spent the boarding period smiling and staring at everyone who boarded. While we taxied toward take-off, she latched on an drank herself to sleep. Winner! On the way back, she was more fussy and I fed her while people were still boarding.

If anyone had a problem, I didn't notice it or they didn't bring it up. Winner again!

Is this because we live in California? Do I give off really unwelcoming vibes? I do a great "don't f with me face," I know that. Or maybe those with problems really are just a vocal minority.

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