Friday, August 20, 2010

The best of 50 reasons . . . .

Note the photo running with this post. Neither nursing woman is covering herself with a hooter hiding device and you still really can't see much of anything. This is one of the thing that gets me about modesty concerns (usually held by those not nursing) - when the baby is latched, you really only see the back of the baby's head. If you see any breast flesh, it's far less than in many television commercials.

Anyway - on this great list, some of the best points (I'll note that some of the points seem to presume a SAHM and not a working mom and her need to pump as well as NIP):
3. Telling women not to breastfeed in public is a mechanism for marginalizing women.

9. Because a baby’s right to nurse is more important than your non-existent right to not have to look at things you do not like to look at.

12. Because babies often will not allow you to put a blanket or nursing cover over them and will push it off.

24. New moms have enough to worry about in their sleep deprived state without having to make special arrangements in order to accommodate your opinion about how they choose to feed their baby.

27. So that mothers continue to be good consumers, spending their money in stores, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, resorts, sporting events, and more all while nursing their child (instead of staying at home).

42. Images of sexualized breasts are everywhere – from advertising to women walking down the street. If there is no breastfeeding in public, but sexualized images of breasts continue to be flaunted in public, our youth will grow up thinking that breasts are only sexual. This will make more women think it is “icky” to breastfeed and make more men have the attitude of “no baby is going to suck on those tits, they are all mine.” [ed note: that last part I'm a little "wha?" on.]

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