Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - I actually did it!

At the risk of blowing Christmas gift surprises (mom, stop reading!), here's my entry into the fall Pinterest Challenge.

I had pinned this project (first seen here, then pinned from here, and recreated in part from templates found here)

But, could I, and more importantly, would I, actually do this myself? Look, I did it!

A pitcher and a little sugar packet holder to beautify my Splenda stash. Crappy pictures, but fun project! I used the recommended pens, purchased at Michaels, and was impressed . . . by the ones that actually worked.

There were limited colors available and of the assortment I purchased, several weren't working at all, which was frustrating. But I was able to make do with the ones that did work properly. They were baked to cure them last night and I did the fingernail test on the fatter black dots in the pitcher's flowers. Didn't budge!

I have a few other pieces to make and ideas for what to put on them. Ross was a great resource for inexpensive porcelain pieces (I was careful to select on the ones labeled porcelain or that clearly said oven-safe on them, just in case), though I noted at least one of the pens I purchased (the peridot green) said it air-cured in 72 hours. It air-cured but then got baked as well. Seems to have done fine. So, uh, Merry Christmas, friends and family! And hooray to me for actually completing a project!

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