Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eat Local Challenge?

I've committed to this before only to break that commitment before ever really starting.  But why not try to try again?

My nutrition isn't going to fix itself, y'all.

So what would this challenge look like? I think something like this:

For two weeks (I can't bring myself to go for a full month yet), we eat only whole, locally sourced food.  This should be easy as we have a SAHD always looking for things to do, plus nearly daily, local Farmers' Markets. And by whole foods I mean, oatmeal instead of Frosted Flakes, homemade bread instead of Wonder, or just anything with few, easy-to-pronounce ingredients.  Chicken not nuggets. Can we do it? Well, yes, we can. Will we do it? I don't know.  Basically, we just need to eat like the Fidg eats - her food is pretty healthy, relatively balanced, and usually whole (Cheerios notwithstanding).  We'll begin practicing this weekend and kick off the challenge on July 5 - because there's going to be some hotdogs over the 4th and those are probably the least whole food I can think of . . . .

Oh, and for meals out - we'll choose restaurants that also support the eat local ethic.  If that means eating every meal at Mulvaney's (hey, who's that on their webpage? I hear she's brilliant), then we'll just have to suffer through it. Oh darn.

Enjoying a nice local meal with Sarah and Ron. They have chickens. Localest eggs ever.

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  1. Will you be getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot?