Thursday, March 10, 2011

This: The Subtle Sexism Of Roles And Reversal

I can't get that story of the fleeing mom out of my head and I'm still struggling to define the problem. Here's another data point, however, from Leadership studies rockstar/Stag Professor Ron Riggio:
This summer, as in the past, I have taken my daughter to work with me several times. My wife pointed out the difference in co-workers' perceptions when I do it versus when she takes our 9-year-old to work. (We're both college professors, so it's not a terrible inconvenience to have a kid playing on a computer while we write and analyze data in our offices). But, when I take my daughter to work, many people think it's cute. When my wife does it, it's "inappropriate" (as in "Why can't that woman manage her childcare situation?"). It started me thinking about other forms of pervasive sexism that occur regularly in the workplace.
Maybe we should take a cure from the new movie title "Hall Pass."  Men get hall passes all the time. Men are cute when they do women stuff like tend to children, cook (except they can be master chefs and women can't - the upper echelons are always male, you see), clean house.  It's a monkey-on-a-bicycle thing.  Look at that thing doing what that thing shouldn't be doing! How darling.

These things really eat at me....

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