Monday, January 24, 2011

Wars is too strong a word

...but I am feeling the working mommy/stay at home mommy divide as I ponder the Fidg's first birthday party. (What, seriously, already?) Perhaps reading so many craft-y blogs executed by so many crafty stay at home moms is leading me to set some unrealistic expectations.  That's in addition to the stress of planning any event at all these days. Getting the house in shape. The guest list? Feeling like I'll have to break Miss Manners's cardinal rule that putting "no gifts, please" on the invite is the height of impolite behavior because it presumes you expected gifts to start, but wanting to avoid anyone going out of his/her/their way for a kid who has every material thing she could ever want (because she's 1 and does't actually "want" anything except boob, mommy, daddy, and whatever that small speck on the carpet is).

Mile long, Christmas-party style guest list?  Never get to enjoy anyone that way. But my desire to thank everyone who helped us make it through this year (and the pregnancy year, for that matter) with some hospitality is sincere.  So is my desire to have fun, though.


  1. Consider the first birthday party more of a "Hey, we kept the baby alive for a year!" party for yourselves. We had a luau for about 50 people for Alex. With crafty, homemade invitations I had a anxiety attack over until my sister and mom calmly stepped in and helped me. We got way too much stuff, and Alex got tired and cranky, but we pulled it off! You can do it!

  2. OMG CHRISTIANA- I just saw that website you referred to in the last post... if you're trying to live up to THAT first birthday party, may God have mercy on your soul! (Although I'm sure I would enjoy the homemade jam.)