Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fidg at 10 Months

How did we get here already?  The ninth month is complete and we're on to the tenth? The ninth month, the one I had been waiting for and the one that did not disappoint? And now you're only 8 or so weeks from completing your first year?  How the hell did we make it this far?  When you were 8 weeks old, I couldn't see the ninth week, so having the ninth month in the rearview . . . .

Well, you're not walking, so there's that prediction gone. You love to show off your steady standing skills, though.  And in the last two weeks you've become exponentially more talkative. No actually words yet, but plenty of talking nonetheless.You've got a few new teeth, still on the bottom flanking the two you had already.  I don't think you've liked that process too much. I don't blame you - those things are sharp, I wouldn't like it either. I'm sure I didn't.

Your parents are ever so slightly more confident about this whole parenting business.  It's day-to-day, though. Mom has zero ability to balance her own needs with your needs, but is okay with that.  I think it has to be about your needs, really. Dad's going to get you used to that jogging stroller, however, then we're going to mutli-task or multi-need-adress, as it were.

Ten months old. I keep repeating it because I cannot get my head around it.

This afternoon, you'll attend your first major political event and I'm so excited for that.  Soon, you'll be walking precincts.  Phone banking may take awhile longer, but I bet we can get you licking envelopes early.

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