Wednesday, December 1, 2010

San Francisco Lives Up To My Expectations

I'll be attending a wedding in the City soon and the reception is being held at City Hall.  I'm in no way ready to leave my baby for the better part of an afternoon and evening but it's going to happen, so, well, it's going to happen and I guess she and I will just have to deal.

But my boobs probably won't be able to just deal during those hours and for that duration, so I'll be accessorizing whatever outfit I manage to cobble together with . . . a breast pump. Fun!

So I called the Mayor's office and explained to the woman who answered that I would be visiting City Hall and asked whether they have a lactation room or new mother's lounge, etc.  She had no clue. But she transfered me to the building manager's office. They guy who answered said they do have a room and though it would normally be locked during the time I'd be there, to just ask security to let me in and there shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks, SF, for being predictably crunchy-supportive.

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