Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yet more reasons Rob shouldn't have taken the bigger room for his office

Because HOW ADORABLE are these alphabets available from Costco's new Art & Image gallery? You could put together some really adorable [ed's note: really, the word "adorable" twice like that? That's so not me] wall art for a nursery from these.  It's hard to choose favorites - each collection is fantastic.  Unfortunately, I wish the Ts were better in each set.  "T is for Table" has some potential because in my head it makes a great allusion to a funny bit of Love Acutally - but that's a complicated in-joke of a decoration.

How about these sweet nursery suggestions? Or these lovely storybook illustrations?  Argh - too many choices! But I feel some decorating coming on.  Perhaps mounted on foam board - which is an option at Costco - to hang over her crib? Won't clobber her like a normal frame.  And won't be expensive! Magic.

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