Sunday, November 7, 2010

Product Review - Scootababy Hip Carrier

I picked up a discounted Scootababy from BabySteals last week - boy, they ship quickly.  Since I've been digging SSCs (soft-structured carriers) lately (um, always, post Moby-age?), I thought, why not. 

Internet shopping is way to easy.

Anyway - right out of the box, the Scootababy was simple and sturdy.  It's designed to be a hip carrier, though the instructions indicate you can use it for a front or back carry as well.  It's basically the SSC for people who like ring slings but are afraid of their kid popping out the bottom.  It's just one buckle around the waist, slip the strap over you and your baby, and presto - carried baby!  The strap is a gathered fleece panel that cups the shoulder and two adjusters - front and back - get the shoulder panel just right.  The carrier itself makes a secure seat for the kiddo and is light, soft, and flexible. 

I've yet to face the fidg out at any time, so the hip carrier was as forward facing as she's been so far.  She seemed to dig the alternate view.  She could rest her head comfortably on my shoulder and watch where we were going, which she seemed to like.

Bottom line:
Pros: Super-simple on and adjustment - great for errands where you'll be in and out of the car multiple times; good weight distribution - no strain on the back, neck, shoulder, or waist; good for babies who like to see what's coming; light, compact; baby is in a very natural position, you'd be holding her there anyway, but the carrier does it for you.

Cons: Baby can reach for stuff! no sleep hood (though baby can rest her head well on you; breastfeeding, while possible, would be far less subtle than in other carriers; range-of-motion feels somewhat restricted to keep the fleece panel in place and your other arm is mostly hugging the baby; not for babies under 12 lbs.

Overall grade: B+  I think this is a great carrier for most errands and probably for strolling with the baby when you aren't going to care to what extent you'll be using your arms.  No word yet on the daddy-review, but I'll get one and update later.

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