Friday, October 1, 2010

Why do I care so much about breastfeeding?

As in: why don't I just dump the pump, supplement during the day, and continue my morning, evening, and weekend BF with the kid?  Why can't I let it the eff go?

Probably because my own nutritional habits are abhorent.  Really shameful these days.  And throughout life? Well, just look at photos of me - it's pretty clear healthy eating (and exercise) weren't exactly my top considerations, with the exception of a short span of time.  But with my kid? She CAN eat organically.  She CAN have only natural stuff. She doesn't have a Diet Coke habit. She doesn't worry about artificial sweeteners (to be clear, I don't worry about them either).  I know I'll cave and let the kid eat some unhealthy crap soon enough. There will be McNuggets.  I hope there won't be many.  But for now, she can have something real.

And I still wake up each day with the dream that it will suddenly be easy. 

And I never quit that soccer team where the coach called me the weakest link (yeah, if you follow through with the metaphor, his point gets lost, but...).  I have a hard time dropping things.  I think this is more beneficial than law school, though.

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