Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supply, demand, fear, and food.

My kid is 7 and a half months old and has yet to eat solid food.  

I don't have a problem with this and I doubt any pediatrician would have a problem with it, but eventually, I know she'll need to get on the chuck wagon.

So why the delay?  There's some evidence that waiting until month 6 has some short and long term medical benefits.  Also, the poop is going to be way worse when there's food in that gut.  And lately, there's been some smelly, strange poop already which I thought wasn't supposed to happen for the EBFers, so I'd like to sort that first.  And I'm lazy: the grown-ups barely get prepared meals around here.

But more than any of that: I'm terrified on behalf of my milk supply.  Because I have a let-down issue.  I don't have a supply problem, but in my mind, if the supply dips - as it can with the introduction of solid food - then the barely that comes out now will become even less. 

A recap for new readers (har har): I pump every hour and if I get 6 ounces during my 9 hour work day, it's a good day.

What if the solid food during the day makes her nurse less in the evening and at night?  No demand? The body lowers the supply.  Then what?  Then she weans?  To food? To formula? What happens?

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