Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself! And maybe also molestation, poison, and obesity.

Halloween is nearly here and with it, the predictable spate of HORRORS HORRORS articles.  Check that candy for razors and arsenic!  Tape reflective tape to the costume because it's cars, not poison that will get your kiddo!  Forget all that - have you searched Meagan's List lately? There's no way your kid is getting down the block without a Halloween fondling.

Or not.  This article says chill the eff out. And it's probably right.  At least, for everyone except this one friend of a friend on facebook who's posted like 5 links to articles about roadkill kids, the Pope's problems with H'ween, and some kid getting shot in South Carolina, so, you know, these things can happen!

Again, though, really, probably not among the Wall Street Journal's primary readership.

My friend and I were talking this morning about the car-loads of kids dropped off in the nicer neighborhoods around here.  Some people think angling for possible full-size candy bars is lame. I think it's lamer and probably more likely that those kids are from neighborhoods where no one trick-or-treats for actual, sincere concern over personal safety.  That's sad.  For so many reasons.

The other concern I heard today? Do you want your kid eating all that candy? I offered that my mom would apportion out treats slowly, one a day for awhile until there wasn't anything left that I wanted (and after, I'm sure, the parents had secured what they wanted from the stash).  Do you want your kid expecting that candy is an everyday food?  Maybe not, I guess. Though I think a fun size snickers-a-day is an okay habit. I hope she doesn't develop a 10 fun size snickers-a-day habit like her mom, of course, but hopefully Halloween can be a chance to teach a child about moderation.

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