Friday, October 29, 2010

New IRS regs don't ease the costs of pumping

But it's sort of a close policy question. The IRS won't count breast pump parts as tax-sheltered they way other meds are because breastfeeding is the best, natural way to feed babies and they you can't shelter your farmers market purchases either. Or I suppose, the better analogy is you can't shelter the bags you buy to put your market produce in.  I sorta get it.  But then again, come on.  Also, they cite concerns about abuse. Like what? I'll buy 5 Medelas to ease my tax burden? Unlikely.

Also - did you know roughly 17% of congressmen are, well, congresswomen? Would any of this policy - starting with the legislation and continuing down through the regs, be any different?

Speaking of - I wonder what the gender breakdown is within agencies? Afterall, the regulatory process is crazy important as well and I'd hypothesize that there are more women there than in elected office? Can they not write some creative regs to milk (ha) more out of legislation?  Thesis topic! Oh wait, I'm not in school anymore. Thesis topic for someone else!

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