Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What She Said

I should leave this stuff to the more knowledgeable.  Because they say it so much better.  Here's a comment from the Fighting Feminism post:
Another Athena here. I'm fully in the feminist camp. I acknowledge that there are some things that are different between the sexes (bearing children anyone?) but I also don't doubt the very real and limiting impact of social constructs (gender, class, etc.) on our wee ones.

As an example, I'd offer not a gender-related example but one of class and ethnic identity. My dad was born in Mexico but grew up in the Central Valley, the son of a farmer laborer. As a kid, his dream job was working at the local auto parts store because Mexican farm laborer kids didn't go to college. And, frankly, his world wasn't big enough to know those kinds of options. It wasn't until one solitary teacher encouraged him to apply to college that he even thought it a viable avenue for him. He graduated from Berkeley. He didn't know or think his world could expand until he had a little encouragement to explore that possibility.

I think this is akin to what happens with the dichotomy created in the pink and blue worlds. They paint pictures of what is "accepted" and make it difficult to move beyond that place. The current approach to toys, clothes, etc. does little to encourage cross-pollination/expansion of the realms and I think both sexes are short-changed because of it.

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