Monday, September 27, 2010

What kids are all about, plastic band style

Yet another "deep discout" baby/kid stuff site offers these "fun bands" (which are knock offs of the actual fad things, right? I dunno, I'm not 12 and neither is the Fidg).  Presented without further commentary, their options for what boys and girls are all about. And some other categories of stuff that are alarmingly unassigned:


  1. What the heck are they? They look lame either way.

  2. They are current kids' versions of the plastic, bandy bracelets we worse when we were small. I used to get, like, 50 of them for $1 at Cost Plus or something like that. These are shapes or, on the wrist, just a pile of plastic crap with some odd, jutting out angles.

    Pogs. But not pogs.

  3. Let's start a rumor that if you wear the black ones, you've made it to second base! Wooooooo! (My attempt at the literay version of the Saved by the Bell jeer.)