Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japanese Weekend

I have no idea why that is the name of a maternity clothing line, but it is.

It's also a way to encourage you to check out my friend's notes on her Japanese vacation adventures with her, wait for it, 9 week old son. (I will pause for you to bow to her awesomeness.)

What's it like to nurse in public over there?  Can it really be easier than in San Francisco? Her research indicates that it is!

Now, however, I want to know more of her views on Harajuku girls - especially from a feminist perspective. Or is that even possible given the cross-cultural aspects of such a discussion? How about Gwen Stefani's appropriation of them to sell her records. And how abotu Gwen Stefani's abs? Who's with me?


  1. Hmmm…a feminist perspective on Harajuku girls? Well, I can see how the juxtaposition of goth-punk and babydoll styles could approximate the virgin-whore dichotomy, but that’s probably reaching. Really, I think the matter is too difficult to assess fairly through a Western lens. In Japan, cartoon imagery and make-believe characters are everywhere. I get the sense that the people of this fine country – men and women, young and old – fully embrace whimsy and nods to childhood. Without a more nuanced understanding of Japanese culture and gender roles, it would be hard to argue that the Harajuku conflation of childishness and expressions of sexuality and angst is anything more than a culturally appropriate, creative fashion statement.

  2. I'd like to state publicly that from now on I will only blog to elicit comments from you and from Alecia because you're both smarter than me and I like reading what you have to say more than I like writing what I have to say. ;)

    No really.