Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fidget's Library: Cam Jansen Mysteries

Everyone (right?) has heard of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Nowadays, you have Harry Potter and (shudder) Twilight.  When I was young, I devoured the Babysitters' Club series, VC Andrews series, and all the Christopher Pike I could get my hands on.

But the first series of books I remember reading (past Spot or Clifford) were Cam Jansen Mysteries.  The protagonist's name is short for Camera - her nickname because she has a photographic memory. That's how she solves mysteries.  And she says "click" every time she wants to remember a scene.  (The "click" part of my original website's tagline? Yup, now you know the source.

I was a voracious reader growing up.  Now, I can barely complete a magazine. But back then. . . . Those summer reading contests at the library? Ha, puh-lease, I can outread anyone. I'd bring home stacks and stacks of books and just tear through them.

Oh, how I loved Cam Jansen.  And I know I loved her especially because she was a girl.  The same reason I read Nancy Drew, but not Hardy Boys, mysteries. 

It's great that her books are still available. If they aren't readily available at the library, you can bet I'll be buying some of these - though I think they make great check-out books - especially if Fidget is anything like me and just runs through them as quickly as she can.  Maybe she needs the first one, just to get her started.

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